Casement window

Casement window

A casement is a window this is connected to its frame with the aid of one or more hinges at the facet. they are used singly or in pairs inside a not unusual body, wherein case they may be hinged at the outside. casement home windows are frequently held open the usage of a casement live. home windows hinged on the pinnacle are known as awning home windows, and ones hinged at the lowest are known as hoppers.


Inside the united kingdom, casement home windows have been commonplace earlier than the sash window became added, and normally metallic with leaded glass—glass panes held in place with strips of lead (called lead “acmes”; leaded glass is not to be harassed with lead glass, which refers to the manufacture of the glass itself). those casement windows commonly have been hinged at the facet, and opened inward. with the aid of the start of the Victorian era, commencing casements and frames were created from wooden of their entirety. the home windows were protected by way of practical outside shutters, which opened outward. variants of casement home windows are nevertheless the norm in lots of ecu countries.

They are opened with a crank, lever, or cam cope with, which is placed round hand height or at the bottom and serves as a window lock.[4] a crank, live, or friction hinge is necessary while the window opens outward, to preserve the window in function regardless of wind.

Often the glass panes are set in a rabbeted frame and sealed with beveled putty or glazing compound to secure the glass.

Casement window

Casement windows are labelled in one among approaches. fcl refers to a left-exceeded window, where the hinges are located at the left and the locking mechanism is on the right. fer is a proper-handed window with the hinges on the right and the locking mechanism on the left.[citation needed] do not forget, those definitions follow to a window whilst searching at it from the exterior. in a few nations diagrams of casement home windows show a dashed triangle with the hinged facet recognized by the point of the triangle (e.g. united states), while in others they factor to the lever, showing a simplified angle of the opened window (e.g. Hungary). furthermore in some countries (e.g. Hungary) diagrams additionally make difference between home windows starting closer to the viewer (dashed line) or outwards (solid line). fcl home windows function a triangle pointing to the left; fer home windows have a triangle pointing to the right.

Casement windows “typically have decrease air leakage prices than sliding home windows because the sash closes by means of pressing against the body.”

Casement windows and natural air flow

Casement windows are also incredible for natural air flow techniques, mainly in warm climates. they can be hinged to open outward and angled on the way to direct breezes into the building.

Casement window, earliest form of movable window, wooden or steel framed, with hinges or pivots on the upright aspect of the vertically hung sash, so that it opens outward or inward along its entire length in the way of a door. one frame, one by one movable, of any such window is referred to as a casement sash.

The british and German custom turned into to have the home windows opening outward. a medieval English instance exists on the Falstaff lodge, Canterbury, Kent, neg., with casement windows under constant windows, or lighting fixtures, all composed of small leaded panes. the french casement normally has two assembly leaves that open inward, requiring careful craftsmanship to prevent weather from penetrating them. those french casements had been adapted within the united states chiefly as approaches to present get right of entry to onto balconies and porches, and on this door like shape they’re called french home windows, french doors, or casement doorways.

Casement window


Windows are openings geared up with glass to confess light and permit humans to see out. they’re often operable to allow ventilation.

Although the historic use of glass dates returned to the Romans, glass windows handiest have become common domestically in England inside the early-17th century, gradually turning into more versatile and huge as plate glass strategies have been perfected all through the economic age.

England, France, Ireland and Scotland added a window tax during the 18th and 19th centuries which changed into payable based totally at the number of windows in a residence. it’s far nevertheless commonplace to look homes from that period with windows that were bricked-up to avoid the tax. the tax turned into repealed in 1851.

Commencing type

Constant mild

A  window that is constant in place and can’t be opened. frequently used wherein mild or imaginative and prescient alone is required in preference to ventilation, but constant lighting are commonly used in conjunction with different operable kinds of window.

Vertical slider/sash

Glass is outfitted in ‘sashes’ (movable panels) that slide vertically beyond each other:

Single-hung sash: one sash is portable and the opposite is fixed.
Double-hung sash: sashes are held on spring balances or counterweights and made from two sashes that overlap slightly and slide up and down vertically inside the frame.
Gorizontal sliding sash: two sashes that overlap slightly and slide horizontally on guide rails within the frame.

Casement window


An opening window fixed to the body by way of hinges along one in every of its edges:

Side hung casement: the sash facet opens outwards.
pinnacle hung casement: the sash pinnacle opens outwards. additionally known as awning home windows.
Bottom hung casement: the sash backside opens inwards. additionally referred to as hopper windows.
casement windows preceded sash windows inside the united kingdom and historically opened inwards, despite the fact that now they more generally open outwards so as to loose space inside and better direct air inwards for ventilation.

Casement home windows require a metal bar referred to as a ‘live’ to preserve them open. different sorts are available inclusive of the peg kind (the stay has holes alongside it which permit it to healthy over pegs), telescopic (tube fashioned), and friction (a unethical arm lets in the window to open to 180-degrees).

Tilt and turn

Tilt and turn home windows include a mechanism that allows them to tilt inwards from one part or to open inwards from one aspect. the staleness of the mechanism permits tilt and flip windows to be larger than casement windows. they are also clean to clean from the inner.


Pivot home windows are hung on one hinge at center points on every of two contrary facets. this lets in the window to revolve whilst opened. the pivots can either be vertical, with the hinges set up pinnacle and bottom, or horizontal, with the hinges mounted at every jamb. pivot hinges include a friction tool that enables the window to preserve itself open towards its very own weight. pivot home windows tend to be more steeply-priced than casement windows but can allow for smooth cleansing get entry to.


These are made up of some of man or woman sashes, usually 2, three or four, hinged collectively. they may be spread out in a concertina fashion and stacked smartly against every different at the aspect of the window frame.


Those windows use a series of parallel pieces of glazing which can be held on centre pivots placed at periods down the vertical jambs that allow them to open and close the use of a crank or lever. they permit for good ventilation with simplest small projections.

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